EUROPE: Euro - Qualification - Round 6

09.09.2019 21:45 Poland Austria

   Today we analyze the most important match of Group G where Poland vs Austria meet Monday, September 9, 2019.


   Poland occupies the first place in the group with 12 points in the first 5 games. In the first 4 games, Poland obtained a maximum of 12 points in number, defeating Austria 1-0, Lativia 2-0, North Macedonia 1-0, and Israel. 4-0. This did not happen, however, and in the last match, Slovenia broke their 4-win series and beat Poland 2-0.

   The Polish national must deal with the match with maximum interest, in the event of a failure he may lose the first position in the group. The most important player in Poland is Robert Lewandowski, however, scoring only two goals for the national team in these first 5 games. But we all know that Lewandowski can solve a match by himself if he is fit.

   According to the specialized site, Poland has a lot worth 345.40 million euros.


   Austria 2nd place in Group G managed to accumulate 9 points in the first 5 stages. After the extremely bad start, this qualifying campaign Austria managed to mount in the last matches managing to tie 3 consecutive victories. In the first two matches, Austria lost on home soil with her opponent tonight 1-0 and in the second match lost in the away match from Israel 4-2. For Austria, this match is very high, besides the fact that it could reach the first.

   The team coached by Foda F. could lose the second position in the standings. The next ones Slovenia and Israel both have 8 points only one less than Austria.

   We expect the match between Poland and Austria to rise at the museum level. So we thought that for today’s ticket the best bet would be to score over 3 goals in the match. The bookmakers offer a 2.10 odds to score at least 3 goals in the match.

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